Professional Clean Up With STS

Our people are the assets of our company and we invest in them so that they can provide efficient cleaning and quality service to our clients.
Our crew receive structured training at our in-house centre from trainers who have undergone professional training at the Malaysia Environment Cleaning Science (MECSc), a reputable institution recognized by the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc).
Health, Safety & Environment
STS workers have valid permits to work in Malaysia and undergo periodic health checks (i.e. FOMEMA) to ensure fitness for service. They also have access to counselling services that support their needs and concerns.

Technical knowledge and methodology is essential for producing competent workers and we ensure it is key in our training process. Our workers are trained to be mindful of safety during a job to reduce accidents and injuries to themselves and others. We do this by ensuring they have sufficient understanding of the technicalities of their job such as knowing how to operate machinery and how to read the labels of cleaning chemicals.

Empowering Your Business With Foreign Manpower

Our international crew come from all over Asia and we choose only the most qualified people. Because of our direct relationship with local agents, we are able to screen and select the most suitable people for our client’s requirements.

The STS Crewmember

  1. Various cleaning skills
  2. Space management skills
  3. Efficient & competent cleaning
  1. Health & safety of cleaning
  2. Equipment knowledge
  3. Awareness for personal & public safety
  1. Independent work attitude
  2. Motivated for personal effectiveness
  3. Pleasant & courteous

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